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April 23, 2010

The Problem With the GOP?

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RECENTLY elected Senator Scott Brown has ruled out a presidential run in 2012. I consider myself pretty up-to-date on political developments but the idea that Brown was contemplating of running for the Big Office in two years came out of left field. Hearing this announcement got me thinking that Brown’s announcement may be touching on a broader problem for the GOP.

To me it seems like the GOP us looking for the next Ronald Reagan. We are looking for that charismatic leader who can simply breath words of reform and they will happen. Well GOP sorry to burst your bubble but this isn’t going to happen so stop trying.

The search for the next Reagan started with Bob McDonnell. Even before McDonnell was elected to office there were rumors of a possible 2012 run. THIS WAS BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED. Now, just weeks after being elected the same is happening with Scott Brown. Looking at McDonnell and Brown one sees many similarities. Both unseated incumbent Democrats, both are RISING stars in the GOP, and both individuals will become dominant forces in GOP politics in the years to come. This last similarity is what we need to be careful of.

McDonnell and Brown are rising stars, they have not proven themselves just yet, though McDonnell’s response to the State of the Union illustrated a flash of McDonnell’s brilliance.

So where to go from here. I suggest the GOP looks inward. Find a candidate, sorry Romney but your not it, who has been around for more than a couple months. A candidate who understands the inner-workings of our government, a candidate who has the ability to rally supporters in every state, a candidate who understands how to lead the US in the 21st century.

Any ideas of who this could be? Pawlenty? Patraeus? Let me know what you think.


March 14, 2010

Senator Brown’s Weekly Address

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Newly elected Senator Scott Brown has taken a few minutes to discuss his ideas on the White House’s health reform.

As much as I respect Senator Brown for his miraculous defeat of Martha Coakley, I am unimpressed with this address. It sounds like all other GOPers, I was really hoping for a revitalized outlook from the new Republican Senator.

Am I asking for too much? Please voice your opinions.

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