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April 12, 2010

First Time for Everything

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Traditionally, I am not fan of CNN’s Roland Martin, I believe he is a loud-mouthed commentator who would do anything to impose his objectives on one. However, today I was doing my daily scan of CNN and I came across a rather interesting article.

The article Were Confederate soldiers terrorists? makes the argument, rather forcibly, that the Confederate soldiers are similar to the Taliban and other jihadist groups fighting in the Middle East.

How can such a connection be made?

Martin makes the several connection both entities were involved in: 1) innocent slaughter of civilians 2) Rationale of defending the homeland 3) Legitimization of actions based on instigator (North or US today)

While I wouldn’t go as far as Martin in calling them “domestic terrorists” I think we can gain several new insights when looking at this article; namely, by breaking the historical mold on certain memories we can better understand our current situations.


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