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July 6, 2009

Barry Arrested for Stalking?!?!

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Marion Barry Taxes

Former D.C. mayor Marion Barry has been arrested over the weekend, the charge…stalking.  This recent run-in with authorities just adds to the already long list Barry has acquired over the years.  In 1990 Barry was arrested, along with his girlfriend, for possession of crack cocaine.  In 2006 Barry was pulled over for blowing through a red light, the officer smelled alcohol, performed a field sobriety test and was taken to the U.S. Capitol Police station. 

Upon arrival at the station Barry performed a breathalyzer test, which came out below the legal limit.  Officers continued harassing Barry, who would not provide a urine sample.  In the end Barry was given a tickets for running a red light and failing to submit a urine analysis.

And now comes the stalking charge.  Police were called when a later got the attention of Park Police, saying Barry was stalking her.  The authorities immediately arrested and detained the former mayor, the case is still pending.

This brings me to my question, why do consult this man on any sort of political questions.  He currently serves the Council of the District of Columbia.  Have we not already given him enough breaks, when will he figure it out.

If anyone has answers to these questions please feel free to leave me a comment because I am flabbergasted.


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