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June 7, 2009

D.C. Couple Arrested for Spying

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A Washington D.C. area couple has recently been reprimanded for spying for Cuba.  The couple, both former U.S. government employees, have reportedly spied for the Communist country for over three decades.

With the Obama administration discussing the possibility of easing the trade embargo and allowing Cuban Americans easier access to the country, these recent indictments should put a little bad blood in the water.  I am a buff for espionage and spy stories when they aren’t involving my country.  Once I heard of this story I was immediately reminded of John Anthony Walker, the former Warrant Officer who was accused and jailed for spying for the former USSR in 1980s. 

However, unlike Walker who approached the Soviets for a financial gain, the D.C. couple professed an undying love for Cuba.  

Now the question arises over how Obama will handle this delicate situation.  Of course this couple should be tried and placed in jail, Walker received a life sentence.  But how will this news influence Cuban-American relations?  It has not been since the Cold War that the U.S. Government has caught an espionage ring of this scale.

I believe President Obama should stifle any ideas of ending the trade embargo.  President Obama should call in the heads of our intelligence offices (CIA, NSA, FBI) and have a complete breakdown of our field agents, find out those individuals who may be prone to be recruited by another country.

Some qualifications for these individuals may be:

–Anyone with financial problems- so almost anyone now

–Any individual who defected from native country, act as double agent

–Anyone who has radical views, left-wing or right-wing, and isn’t afraid to voice them.


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