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May 7, 2009

Schwarzenegger Says Cali. Needs Pot Debate

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Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger says it’s time for the nation’s most populous state to have a pot debate.  Despite the Governator not supporting the legalization of marijuana, the amount of revenue it could create for the state of California is very appealing.

Throughout his tenure in office, Schwarzenegger has repeatedly turned down any legislature that would legalize the drug.  While President Bush was in office the DEA orchestrated and carried out numerous drug raids of dispensaries in California.  However, the Obama administration has recently said they will no longer raid dispensaries as long as they do not violate BOTH state and federal law.

But again, raids have been carried out since Obama took office in January. 

Now what do the citizens of California believe?  A recent poll has shown that over 50% of citizens support the idea of legalization, as long as the drug is regulated like alcohol.  If the drug was legalized and regulated it could create over $1.3 billion in revenue.  Let me say that again $1.3 BILLION.  Think of what that could do for our economy.

Advocates for the legalization also argue saying law enforcement  could be directed to more serious crimes; as well as end damage done to the environment by cultivation.

On the opposite side, opponents for legalization argue saying there is no way to determine how much of the drug an individual has smoked, making driving under the influence very difficult.  These same individuals also argue that the legalization will cause more individuals, younger individuals, to have access to another drug.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the topic.


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